Scott stack june 22

Scott, New Italian Veteran Champion!

Multi Ch. Martin Mystere del Gran Pamir adds another champion title at his palmares by earning new title of Italian Veteran Champion! Thank You to all judges!

11/06/2022 – NDS Gonzaga (MN) – Excellent 1st – Veteran BOB – Judge: Claudio Montefusco (I)

15/05/2022 – NDS Rovigo – Excellent 1st – Veteran BOB – BOB – GROUP 2# – Judges: Pierluigi Sergio (SM), Pierluigi Buratti (group)

27/03/2022 – NDS Bologna – Excellent 1st – Veteran BOB – BOB – Judge: Arianna Giorgi (I)

Scott stack june 2022
Scott portrait june 2022
Scott photographed at 8,5 years!

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